Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm
15 august 2015.

I just got scammed by this scumbag who sell gopro hero 4 silver edition at mudah for rm800. He said to cod at balik pulau white resort, penang. Since I am at kl, I trusted him to pos that to me, thinking if he willing cod, then it will be no problem to pos that to me. 

After bank in, he give a lot of excuse to give me tracking number and finally switch off his phone. I've made a police report and then check his acc num with maybank (altho the officer refuse to give the info) she said that there's a few transction w the same amount at his acc.

The name is CHAN TIAN CHEE
MBB 156169195667
Number 0194519853

Idk why msia got too many scammer nowadays. Police please do something la -.- senang2 je dorang ni terlepas. Pastu tipu lagi orang lain. Mcm tuttt je. I've put this to my blog so that people can google about him and can avoid from be cheated by this guy who have guts to be an asshole but lazy to earning his own money.

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