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07 August 2014

Hello again. Its been a while.

My life has been completely change, I can say. So much differences to be compared between now and the past. And that what I've been dreaming for. Lifestyle, status from student to an employee, single to double, walking to driving and undergraduate to graduate soon. My convocation ceremony will be held on the next weekend 17 august at Uniten Bangi. Well. After 5 years of struggling. Alhamdulillah.

Well actually someone has requested to me to open back my blog and write something about her. She said she want to be a part of my blog. And right on the spot, here I am. Once again, happy belated birthday baby. I'm very excited celebrating your big day even until a few days has gone, im still "happy belated birthday baby" here and there. hahahah. Thanks to both of your bestfriend who record that moment of your surprise birthday, I can see your face and funny react. Laughing hard each time I play that video.

Im holding to this words, be patient to everything that doesnt meant to be yours. Even after you've been working very hard and put your highest effort to get that person/things and you still didnt get it, dont be too frustrated. Cause I believe there's something/someone better for you out there.

And its proven. For me. And its happened 6 months ago. This date. Right on the dot.

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