Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm


Saturday     21st May 2016

Hello old school bloggers. It feel like a decade since I left this blogging things. Working make me forget all the activities that used to be my favorite when I was studying. Its time to decorate back this place. I miss writing so much. Anyway while waiting for me to do some kind of renovation to this old thingy, have some pleasure watching my pictures back at Lombok, Indonesia. I've been there a months ago. And I love that place so much :D

                                                                    |Partner in crime|

                                                                        |Gili Meno|

|Partner in crime|

I'll be back for the full story and itinerary at Lombok soon.

See ya, people!

15 august 2015.

I just got scammed by this scumbag who sell gopro hero 4 silver edition at mudah for rm800. He said to cod at balik pulau white resort, penang. Since I am at kl, I trusted him to pos that to me, thinking if he willing cod, then it will be no problem to pos that to me. 

After bank in, he give a lot of excuse to give me tracking number and finally switch off his phone. I've made a police report and then check his acc num with maybank (altho the officer refuse to give the info) she said that there's a few transction w the same amount at his acc.

The name is CHAN TIAN CHEE
MBB 156169195667
Number 0194519853

Idk why msia got too many scammer nowadays. Police please do something la -.- senang2 je dorang ni terlepas. Pastu tipu lagi orang lain. Mcm tuttt je. I've put this to my blog so that people can google about him and can avoid from be cheated by this guy who have guts to be an asshole but lazy to earning his own money.

07 August 2014

Hello again. Its been a while.

My life has been completely change, I can say. So much differences to be compared between now and the past. And that what I've been dreaming for. Lifestyle, status from student to an employee, single to double, walking to driving and undergraduate to graduate soon. My convocation ceremony will be held on the next weekend 17 august at Uniten Bangi. Well. After 5 years of struggling. Alhamdulillah.

Well actually someone has requested to me to open back my blog and write something about her. She said she want to be a part of my blog. And right on the spot, here I am. Once again, happy belated birthday baby. I'm very excited celebrating your big day even until a few days has gone, im still "happy belated birthday baby" here and there. hahahah. Thanks to both of your bestfriend who record that moment of your surprise birthday, I can see your face and funny react. Laughing hard each time I play that video.

Im holding to this words, be patient to everything that doesnt meant to be yours. Even after you've been working very hard and put your highest effort to get that person/things and you still didnt get it, dont be too frustrated. Cause I believe there's something/someone better for you out there.

And its proven. For me. And its happened 6 months ago. This date. Right on the dot.

17 January 2014    8.28pm

12 days left. Never thought my study journey has come to its end. I still remember my words in every semester break, why should I go back to that place. I don't feel like going back. That place sucks. Well, look at me now. 

I've been here for five years. This place is like my second home. I've used to this place, to the environment. To the season where this place would be cold like its winter, and hot like its on summer season. To the season where a lot of butterfly would come out and and die in one night and another season, it would be to long too list.

This place who turned out 18 years old person who know nothing to 23 years old who more mature, who can have more reliable judgement than before, who can stand back after a lot of falling. This place who witness my broken heart time and its healing process, who change many strangers into good friends, and friends into strangers. This place. 

This is my comfort zone. I don't want to step out from this zone. But everything that has a beginning has an end. Every meet has it goodbye. I'm going to miss this place and the environment a lot. May we see again in the future. Maybe I would become a lecturer or continue my master here or even bought a house haha lol. Nobody's know future. 

And well.. hello industri world. Hello to the real world.

 |foundation trimester 1, 2 & 3|

First year

Second year

Third year

2013 - January 2014

Final year

28/11/2013    10:38pm

It takes me just a second to fall with you. With your attitude, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you treat me. That feeling, its hard to describe. I wish you can be the second after my first. But in the meantime, it just to good to be true. 

But never mind. I'm positive enough to convince myself that this is a good sign. Good sign which I know I'm not being cursed by my ex which before this I'm pretty sure she's cursing me hard that I cant love anyone as much as I love her. Good sign which I know I ain't a heartless person. Well.. by the right one, even an ice cold person can melt. 

I wont lie, this is quite frustrating. But people come and go. We just have to stand still, watch anyone who would step into our life, and stay. Just believe that we deserve the best. We deserve to be happy. 

To keep those pain. Those sadness. it just wont bring us anywhere but hell. Sure it hurts, give it a break, and slowly move on. To the people who still struggling and fighting.. you're a warrior. A warrior who fight for no one but for yourself. In a world full of people expecting something from us, just remember that the most important person you have to please first is yourself.

The end. 

29 Oct 2013    1.55am

Some people are just meant to stay in your heart, not in your life.

Kadang kadang quotes mat salleh ni sebenarnya ada betul. Ada sebilangan orang kekal berada di hati kita, kekal di dalam ingatan kita walaupun hakikatnya dia dah tak ada dalam hidup kita. Bukan bermaksud tak boleh moved on, tapi bermaksud kehadiran dia mendatangkan impak besar yang ditakdirkan untuk masuk dalam hati dan kekal selamanya di situ. 

Untuk orang yang hanya berpegang pada satu macam aku, pepatah patah tumbuh hilang berganti memang tak boleh diguna pakai. Bagi aku bila dah patah memang patah. Bila dah hilang tak mungkin boleh berganti. Mungkin akan ada yang baru. Lumrah hidup manusia yang memang sentiasa akan bertemu orang baru, memang akan ada yang lain. Tapi takkan sama dengan yang dah hilang.

Admire orang memang aku senang. Suka lagi la. Pantang nampak yang comel. Tapi untuk betul betul masuk dalam hati, payah. Cerewet sangat kot? Nak cari yang sempurna mungkin? haha tapi takde orang yang sempurna dalam dunia. Diri sendiri pun rabak sana sini, lagi nak cari yang sempurna. Aku tak mencari orang sempurna, tapi aku cari orang yang selesa bersama. Tak malu nak gelak tayang gigi nampak gusi aku. Tak malu nak bercerita apa apa. Tak payah nak tapis perkataan bila nak memulakan cerita. Pendek dan panjang kata, takde had dalam menjadi diri sendiri.

Kuantiti tak penting. Apa yang penting kualiti. Biar ambik masa yang lama, cuma jangan tersalah pilih. Dulu masa dengan first love aku, aku perasan aku tak menjadi diri sendiri. Aku awkward. Aku pendiam. Aku serius. Tak macam masa aku dengan orang yang selesa, mental, banyak cakap, suka mengusik. Bukan tak sayang, sayang tapi silap dekat situ mungkin sebab aku cover sangat. Mungkin tak matang sikap lagi masa dulu kot. 

p/s : Well.. I can talk like anything with my room-mate. Anything like just anything. Without boundaries. Sometimes benda merepek repek ikut seselamba hati ahahahaha


Everyone have their own perspective. One may claimed they're right, so did the others. That's why people keep fighting, stand for something that they believed.

But my point actually is, despite of everything you think you're doing right, even when you had no compassion and empathy towards other people and still think you did nothing wrong, you might want to think it back. You're not living in this world alone, man. Be good, be nice. And you might receive it back, one day. Maybe at the most unexpected times. Who know, right. 

Hahah yeah, lepas lama tak update blog tiba tiba terus condemn orang kan. Where else could I give this 80cent if it is not here. 80cent? sure can be haha

There's so much thing I have on my mind that I want to share. Being someone who quite like to observe people, semakin banyak perangai orang yang I could recognize how she/he actually is. 

"To be a good internal/external auditor you must have a good eyes. Know how to observe people around you" - my case study lecturer once said this. 
Well, haha..

Anyway, just be good everyone. Either in a fun or hard situations. Be the person that people are afraid to lose, not the one that people are relived we're gone. We're not living in this world alone.
Enough said.