Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm
19 sept 2013  2.13pm

Its been a months since my last update. Things get tougher when age get increase.

Five years studies almost reached to the end. 4months left until my internship. Seriously, I don't think Im ready to step my foot into the industrial world. But ottoke.. sampai bila nak belajar. Sampai masa nanti kena juga ada peralihan dalam hidup. Ready or not.. clock don't stop. People wont stay around forever. And me.. I have to follow that changes. 

This semester would be the last for almost everyone in my batch. 09/10 uniten batch. Cause of certain reasons, I have to extend for another one sem. Well, I have no problem with that since our convocation day InsyaAllah will be in the same year, same date. Im sure gonna miss those familiar face  especially my brother who will also end his study this sem. Dengan sapelah aku nak balik Muadzam next sem ni ngahh haha. But anyway . Good luck in your internship guys. 

".. So come with me where dreams are born
and time is never planned.
Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings
in never never land.." - Peter Pan

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