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11 december 2012      12:25am

Meeting you back make me realise how fast time flies. I never thought I'll survived after the break up actually. I never thought I'll be this strong, stand up in front of you after what happened. After almost two years. Stand eyes to eyes, having that hand shake. I don't even know what's on my mind when I decide too looking for you. What I want is too see is you. Too see how are you doing after a long time. Well, happy, I can say. Healthy, of course. A bit changes on physical body. Makin chubby. Gembira sangat katanya, tu yang sampai jadi macam tu. Betul?

I cant describe my feeling at that time. Seeing someone I used to love so much, well i dont know. I felt a bit awkward. We dont talk much, havent we? Because I dont know what to ask. What to talk. 

But then I realise one thing. I realise that my feelings towards you never fade. Never goes away. Never lose. It just I learn to live my life without you. Without someone who never feel the same way I feel towards her. With all the lies and fake. Its frustrated, and hurts. 

You know, nobody ever love anybody as much as i love you. I cant afford of losing you for a third time. Therefore, lets just be friend. Or else, strangers. 

According to First World Facts, It takes the typical person 17 months & 26 days to get over an EX. Well I aint a typical person. I takes forever to forget you. 

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