Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm

22nd April    1:11am

I love doing survey. Get to know myself guys. Am exposed myself just for you. lol *kalau taknak pun baca jugak ! 

  1. Height: Am 167cm only
  2. Age you get mistaken for: Theres one time, someone asked me what school I attend to. haha *nampak muda sangat ke aku ? :P
  3. Have Tattoos? : no
  4. Want any tattoos : nope
  5. Got any Piercings? : ears
  6. Want any piercings? : maybe at smwhre else. later kot, bila dah ready nak rasa sakit
  7. Best friend? : a few
  8. Relationship status: available
  9. Favorite Movie: forever a moment to remember. kalau rasa nak menangis, bukak je cerita tue. Confirm
  10. I’ll love you if: you love me too :)
  11. Someone you miss: My high school bestfriend. Long time no see her. 
  12. A fact about your personality: Am very softspoken person, very sentiment, clumsy sometimes, and easily trusted people. 
  13. What I hate most about myself: Too soft.
  14. What I love most about myself: Entah. lol
  15. What I want to be when I get older: someone with a strong financial and better life
  16. My relationship with my sibling(s): Very Close
  17. My relationship with my parents: I love them.
  18. My idea of a perfect date: Date with someone I love is my perfect date. No matter where we are going. Even depan rumah pun boleh jadi :)
  19. A description of the girl/boy I like: very simple, have self confident, not fake and most importnt is am comfortable being with her :)
  20. A description of the person I dislike the most: fake, very depending, and annoying
  21. A reason I’ve lied to a friend: jaga hati
  22. What I hate the most about school: uniform
  23. What my last text message says: whatsapp or inbox? thru inbox "hujan ke dekat luar? xperasan, baru bangun tidur nie" sent to my junior. And thru whatsapp, "okey" to my friend :)
  24. What words upset me the most: Kata makian dan kasar
  25. A wish that I’ve wished for repeatedly on 11:11  : I dont wish at time
  26. What I find attractive in girls : Their attitude and dress up
  27. Where I would like to live : In a place where I was born at
  28. My childhood career choice : Doctor ? typical kids 
  29. My favorite ice cream : haaa apa nama dia uh. tak ingat
  30. Who I wish I could be : Hmm. just myself ?
  31. Where I want to be right now : home pleaseee :(
  32. The last thing I ate : pizza bought at pasar malam
  33. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately : My roommate ? hahahahahaha
  34. A random fact about anything : My final exam is just a weeks left and am still here infront of my lappy doing this. Thank youhhh

p/s : Tak tahu nak tulis apa sebenarnya tapi nak tulis jugak. Its like am addicted in writing, and typing. Urghh iloveyou blog.

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