Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm
4th June 2011

Day two : 10 things you love

  1. Well, I love my mum. But she's not a thing la kann. HAHA
  2. I love black and white things. Shirt , pants, phone, lappy, watch, you name it :)
  3. Im searching for nature whenever I have something stuck on my mind. Lake, garden, beach , some place like that. Untuk dating pun ia jugak :D
  4. My diary is my most important thing 
  5. Chocolate lover. Cadbury *without peanut please :P
  6. Im eager of eating. Permenant customer for Secret Recipe, Pizza Hut, Big Apple, Tutti Fruity *okeyy, terpromote pulak. haha :D
  7. I dont have any bear to sleep with, HOWEVER my bantal bushuk is the reason why I cant get up early in the morning. HAHA
  8. I love coffee. One cup for a day. Can be more sometimes :D
  9. Enjoyed listening slow song 
  10. In love with my own blog *againnn :D haha

"Sedang ku membca wajahmu, senyumanmu menggambarkan sesuatu,
jika kau fahami isi hatiku, ku tak ingin waktu terhenti tanpamu"