Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm
3rd June 2011        

Day one : 10 things about you

  1. Nicknames :
    Family/Uniten buddies : eka
    Hang out friends : Efie
    Working place : Fifie :D
  2. Proudly born at Kuala Lumpur
  3. Undergraduated Uniten student , expected to have my graduation ceremony on June 2014 :D
  4. Third from five siblings
  5. Officially 20th on July of 3rd 2011
  6. 63kg *no one would believe if I said that. But thats the fact. Berat dosa katanya. haha
  7. Wearing S size on any shirts
  8. Im a soft spoken person. Talk nicely, I will fall for you :)
  9. Writing/reading is my passion
  10. In love with my own blog . HAHA :D

"If I ever fall in love again,
I will be sure that the ladies just like you"

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