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January 2, 2013     2:34am

Happy 2013. Happy new year. Happy unofficially age of 22nd. 

22nd? Hmm, I don't even know if I like that number. Make me feels old. Make me feels like, I'm an adult . I should take life seriously. Think seriously. No more playing around. I don't know. I just don't like this age. I'm not ready yet to take life seriously. lol, who is right? 

Unlike previous year, I'm celebrating this 2013 at home. Not at home precisely, but in the car stuck in the middle of city full with bullshits citizen who stopped their vehicle at the middle of busy road just because they want to watch the fireworks. Yeah, jual ikan sungguh. And yes yes yes, another person who stuck together with me in the car is the same person whom I celebrated 2011 opening with. Someone whom I love very much and together with us is someone she loved. Triple of us. Yeapp sweet is it?

Tak mencabar langsung sambut new year dalam kereta. Tak macam yang dulu dulu, countdown dalam riuh orang ramai, bersesak sesak. Berkecuali 2012 yang disambut dekat Muadzam, terasa muda sambut kecoh kecoh macam tu. Haha is this the sign that Im not a kid anymore? Maybe maybe.

But anyway, Im hoping that this years will bring more happiness for my family and I. More prosperity, spirit and a strength for me to fight for a better future. 

And thank you 2012. You teach me so many things. Knowing so many people who eventually become an important person in my life. Thank you.

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