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27th June 2012  1:12am

Things been rough for me lately. My roommate called it as hormone changes. Me call it as, im going crazy soon. You know something is wrong when you cant be yourself in front of everyone, your friend, your best friends. Everything you do seems awkward. 

I thought staying too long at Muadzam made me like this. Im pack up my things immediately and move my ass of as soon as I can. That was last week's story. Class ended at 10:30am, half an hour later I already on the bus on my way back to KL without any plan. I assumed I would be better after meet my family and friends. But I was wrong. Here I am, already at Muadzam still like I was last week.

Is this what they called as depression? Like you suddenly crying while doing your assignment? Like you'll getting mad without any reason? Like you feel hated to people around you? or maybe have no interest in everything you do or conversations you're on going? 

I dont know. Just wish me well soon. 

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Safinaz Eurieqa said...

hope u will get well a.s.a.p okey...kalu rasa down, don't forget tu read 'Yassin' okey dear..kadang2 kita mmg akan rasa mcm tu dalam life ni sbb masa tu lah kita rajin muhasabah diri...(saje bg ceramah kat ko ni...sbb aku lama x kaco ko..hehe)