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29th may 2012   7:49pm

Hello readers. Its been a while since my last updated. Before final exam semester lepas kalau tak silap dan sekarang dah beberapa hari semester baru bermula. Third year, 1st semester. And im all free by the end of nextyear. Setahun setengah je lagi :)

Beberapa hari sebelum balik Muadzam, sempat lah pergi holiday dengan family. Nak cakap holiday yea, melawat abah pun yea jugak. Yea, my father's working there as someone who is incharge with hydroelectric something, *i dont remember, approximtely to idk :p with TNB. 

and this is the picturess XD

Gunung Brinchang. On our way to visit BOH site

From left : alang, along, ibu, angah and me.
p/s : am over taller. okey lol

Melompat lebih tinggi. Ibu terselit kat belakang. hahaha :D


Mummy monster and I

Haha this is cute.

Meet my family's, my love, my everythings :)

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