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10th april 2011        10:32pm

Hey there. Things getting rough nowadays. Apa yang aku harapkan semasa bermulanya permulaan April tak menjadi kenyataan. And it hurts though. I can give my shoulder for you to cry on, an ears to listen to you, hands to catch you from falling down, but I definitely cant accept your lies and act by using me for your own sake. Its like Im saving you but at the end you killed me and stabbed me like a hundred times. But to hell with that. Im fine. And I believe with the words, destiny :)

Well, being alone is not an half bad. Much better than being in relationship indeed. You dont have to be worried about other people, and the most important things is you can protect your <3 from being hurt. Sebenarnya dah tahu daripada awal, tapi orang dah datang menyerah, aku pun tersangkut lah. But at the end, masih sama macam dulu. Apa nak cakap lagi, semuanya sama. Tak kira lah apa pun harapan , apa pun kata kata manis yang dia bagi, sama je. Tak ada yang berbeza. 

Okey end of those things. Im not feeling so well right now. My body temperature increasing last night and I've got sore throat. I miss my mum. Goodnight guys :)

p/s : and now you're just somebody I used to know - Gotye

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