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2th March 2011    7:01pm

Hello guys. Happy friday. Its raining now. I wish its stopped soon. I am so unproductive. I need fresh air, I need an exercise. If you noticed, Im getting fat. You can see it thru my cheek and my 6pax stomach*lol , and my butt. Semua makin besar.

Its hard to describe feeling. What you feel inside can never be transform into words. I dont know it just me or what, but Im getting sensitive this days. Lebih lebih lagi bila dengan family. Pantang kena marah, pantang dengar perkataan tak boleh, confirm nak menitik air mata. And worst of all is I cant control the feeling. Rasa sebak sangat bila kena marah, bila dibantah. Itu baru dengan family.

Belum lagi dengan kawan kawan. Believe me or not, I used to cried for a friend sampai bengkak mata. Bangun pagi mata dah serupa panda pun ada. And bila orang bercerita meluahkan perasaan dorang kat aku sampai menangis, dorang punya air mata tue boleh berjangkit dekat aku. How soft my heart right? If you're my roommates, you'll know. She's the one whom I feel no embrassing to letting my tears of infront. 

Sometimes I do feel tired with this situation. I am an emotional person. I wish I do not own this heart. I wish i have another strong one. I wishh I do

And yeah, my physical appearance totally different with what I have inside. Well , as people said, dont judge a book by its cover, right ? :)

p/s : I watched Jujur Aku Dayus last night at youtube. Staring by Beto Khusyairi and Nora Danish. Sedih bebenor ceritanya. And plus with the songs. Watched it if you're not watching it yet. Memang terbaik :)

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