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29th Nov 2011

Im havinggggg so much fun last weekend. Much better than a dull and bored previous weekend before. Well you can say that join your university programs is not an half bad ideas. Thats what I thought before la kan as this is my first time join them cause of takde benda nak buat dekat sini kecuali pergi Kuantan tue. Kira macam desperate habis la nie. haha :P

|Morning view of Pantai Sepat

Real view.
Not very clean but still its a beautiful beach :)

 A day after end of camping with Unitenians.
Lepak dekat Balok sehari & then goin' back to Muadzam with aldous yihaa & princess lizzie
*tamak kan nak makan dua dua. haha :D

p/s : Pantai Sepat bestttt :D

*Smiling for no reason may look bad in the eyes of others, but to you it means you're remembering memories you couldn't live without :)

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