Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm
2nd october 2011

|Sam Tsui cover

I know I can't take one more step towards you
Cause all that's waiting is regret
And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore?
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live, half-alive

You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

Dear, it took so long
Just to feel alright

Remember how to put back
The light in my eyes

I wish I had missed
The first time that we kissed

'Cause you broke all your promises
And now you're back you don't get to get me back

p/s : Dont expect me to understand you bcoz I cant even understand myself. 
*masih tercari-cari apa yang aku nak sebenarnya.

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