Will turned 25 years old in 2 months. 21/5/2016 , 3.22pm


2nd of June 2011
30 days before my birth date
Almost reach 20th of age, it means 20years of living in this world
I feel like I had done too many mistakes in my life.
Broke somebody heart, had my broken heart, being cheated, lie, knowing which friends we can call as true friend, and so much more which sometimes make me think the world's is not innocent as I thought so.

For you, love is like a toy
Which you can play with it at anytime and throw it at anytime

But for a person like me,
love is a precious things, which you cant give it too everyone

For a person who broke my heart,
thank you so much. You teach me so much as I cant thank you enough.
I learn to carry on my life without depending on anyone
I learn how people cant be easily judge through their face or physical bodies.
*sometimes an innocent face can be so mean, can be so harsh, can be so hypocrate, can be something we just dont expect they is.
I learn how money can be much important to someone more than anything.
I learn there is no such thing as I love you soo much,
till death do us apart, your my everything and so on.
I learned soo much from you.
Terima kasih

This is a promise to myself on the day I've reached my 20th age
There's no more stalking *yes I know watcha doing :) your fb , your days
There's no more memory
There's no more talking about you
There's no more tears for you
There's no more picture
There's no more diary

There's no more of anything.
as I know between us is only a fake
you're being with me just because you had too

You're happy now.
Your life is your life
Nothing got to do with me
So please, never came back for me
Everything about you will be deleted as we never knew each other soon as I've reached my 20th birthday

This is a promise
A started for having 2 infront of my age

p/s : debt will remain as a debt
thank you L :D

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